Improve Employee Productivity with Kneeling Chairs

knee stoolA kneeling chair is an alternate chair for people suffering from lower back pain. It offers a better sitting position of 60-70 degrees vertical. The seat is better than conventional and ergonomic chairs. At least one feature distinguishes it from others. It includes the support pad in front of it for kneeling. The angle is easily differentiated from other desks in its forward slope. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with the seat.

Here are some of the health benefits of kneeling chairs: it enhances the spine alignment. This reduces stress on the back when one sits on alternatives seats for a prolonged time. This is the frequent cause of back pain among some people.

Moreover, it offers a relaxed posture, which enhances productivity. It is best for people who often engage in forward reaching tasks. The seat is recommended for people who engage in short tasks like writing with a pen, sewing, and eating at a table. For those suffering from a prolonged back pain, this is the best seat for them. This would enable them to sit at an angle most comfortable for them. Users could maintain a lumbar posture, which is not obtainable from most other seats.

Although there is a health benefit of using such seats, there are a few disadvantages associated with it as well. It could be discomforting to some other parts of the body like the legs. It is not recommended for those who have long legs.

The seats are more inconveniencing than other seats around, especially ergonomic seats. It is often not easy to go into and out of the seats because of its tight spacing and the support pad. The seat is always discomforting.

Moreover, it could be used for a short period only. It is not ideal for a long period use as it could easily lead to fatigue and more discomforting. However, anybody who could manage these weaknesses could use the kneeling chairs.